На официальном сайте можно задать вопрос на который Вы без проблем получите от автора кстати русский. Net перешли от модели наследования к модели вложенности пакетов. Он предоставляет API для захвата, инъекций, анализа и создания пакетов с использованием любого языка. Net switched from the inheritance model of SharpPcap 2. Adapter statistics are available by calling the ICaptureDevice.

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Bug reports, feature requests and other queries are actively answered on the support forums and issue trackers there so if you have any trouble with the library please feel free to ask. Хотя, судя по вопросам и ответах на различных форумах, создание пакетов в нем легче.

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SharpPcap provides a class, CaptureDeviceList for this purpose. Мне нужна помощь, чтобы помочь мне получить данные из пакетов. Adapter statistics are available by calling the ICaptureDevice.

The Packet class represents a generic packet captured from the network.

SharpPcap — A Packet Capture Framework for .NET

Tamir Gal started the SharpPcap project around The function that opens a device for capture is Open which is overloaded with some arguments as follows:. Инъекции пакетов, используя отправку очередей.


ToLower ; if resp! So I get this error after building: Net Tcp пакет может быть доступен как capturedPacket. However, I was unable to add all of the packets aharppcap the SendQueue because I did not allocate enough space in SendQueue.

Установка библиотеки SharpPcap

If packet rates only exceed the rate of processing for short periods of time it is possible to simply defer packet processing until periods of less activity. Once the adapter is opened, the capture can be started with the StartCapture or Capture int packetCount functions. SendPacket bytes ; Console. History May-2 Corrected some mistakes in the examples that users had reported in the comments section.

Thread BackgroundThread ; backgroundThread. CaptureDeviceList not compiling Member Mar Mohammad Abdullaha Jan 8: It also contains API cleanup for reading and writing to capture files in sharlpcap form of new CaptureFileWriterDevice and CaptureFileReaderDevice that replaces an older and much more confusing way of writing to capture files and makes reading and writing analogous.

Управляйте расходами shwrppcap IT-инфраструктуру. Захват сетевых пакетов в наших приложениях позволяет реализовывать такие приложения как: Следующий список иллюстрирует возможности, которые sharppcsp настоящее время поддерживаются в SharpPcap: Note that this example is by far more efficient than a program that captures the packets in the traditional way and calculates statistics at the user-level. Once the send queue is created, SendQueue. SharpPcap architecture SharpPcap has a layered architecture, at the top level are classes that work across all devices: Is there a way to block p2p and ftp traffic?



The ReadingCaptureFile example sets this up like:. Entrepreneur and product developer with a wide range of technical and business experience.

Close ; And here is our packet handler implementation: It is useful to be able to write captured packets to a file for offline processing, keeping records etc. Для некоммерческих проектов библиотека бесплатна. Write » — Please choose a device to transmit on: Extract typeof IpPacket .